Unleashing Investment Success through Long-Term Focus and Rigorous Process

As a discretionary and non-discretionary advisor committed to serving institutional investors, we focus considerable emphasis on return objectives, risk tolerance levels, and organizational restrictions. By matching asset allocation methods with these objectives, we attempt to optimize investment outcomes while delivering fiduciary excellence.

We believe that developing strategic collaborations with industry-leading investment firms is crucial to deploy and supervise portfolios successfully. Through these agreements, we ensure that our clients benefit from the expertise and talents of top-tier professionals in the industry.

Our dedication extends beyond portfolio management. At our firm, we remain dedicated to producing optimal investment returns, moving the meter in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, while preserving the highest standards of fiduciary responsibility. By carefully evaluating return objectives, risk mitigation, and strategic alliances, we seek to support our institutional clients in accomplishing their goals with confidence and success.

We rigorously assess the investment philosophy, the team, the investment process, the portfolio construction, and the performance across various environments to ensure alignment with our clients’ goals and risk appetite.

By rigorously examining these traits, Paradigm aspires to develop partnerships that generate outstanding value and assist our customers’ investment success.

When hiring investment managers or sub-advisors as partners, Paradigm closely investigates and evaluates the following attributes:

Independence and Objectivity

Investment Capabilities and Depth Capabilities

Expertise and Experience of the Firm and its Professionals

Composition of Investment Solutions, Models, and Portfolios

Assets under Advisement Management

Total Cost

Investment Philosophy and Methodology

Performance Track Record



We Deliver an OCIO model using best in class customized resources to deliver results in line with organization’s mission.


True extension of staff model and broadening of customized resources.



Discretionary Portfolio designed to achieve institutional results over a full market cycle.


Customized Discretionary Portfolio designed to achieve results in an asset class or segment of the portfolio.